Who is MAT® for?

Muscle Activation Techniques®

Works for anyone whether they are 3 or 103.  You don't have to be an athlete to benefit.  Everyday life can take a toll on your body causing muscles to underperform and then others are picking up the slack to keep you upright and functioning.  Experiencing tightness & pain is an indication that an individuals muscles are not performing well and other muscles are doing too much.  If left unattended, it can lead to chronic pain, illness or injury.

Think of your body as a race car

When a car is raced the driver pushes it to its maximum capacity.  When the race is done the car is towed, not driven, to the mechanic's garage.  The mechanic goes over that car with a fine tooth comb checking out anything that could have been compromised during the race and taking feedback from the driver about how it handled to make repairs.  Then the car is tested and tweaked before it's ready for the next race.

The human body is just like these race cars

Our body is taken out and pushed really hard thru work, exercise, sports, activity or even just life.  However, unlike a race car that is towed to the mechanic's garage and given routine maintenance, most people's bodies are neglected. As a result of this neglect it begins to break down.  This break down leads to injury, illness, acute & chronic pain and compromised function.

Muscle Activation Techniques® are used to identify and correct these underperforming muscles that often lead to injury, impede recovery and compromised performance. It's a non-invasive technique, designed to restore balance to an individuals muscular system.