"I knew when I heard Brent speaking at the basketball meeting MAT® was an answer to prayers. I've got very hard working kids, but the pain was holding my son back. My son just texted me that he hasn't felt that good throwing in a long time. He did not have pain! I can not express enough how much I appreciate all your help."
S. Ward
"I have also had the opportunity to observe Brent as a Muscle Activation Techniques® Certified Practitioner for my son and others. My son now recovers more quickly from the demands of catching and pitching with few aches and pains. Muscle Activation Techniques® is immediate and effective. MAT® allows my son to function and move the way he should. It alleviates muscle tightness and pain so he can perform at the highest level. The great thing about it is that he feels the results immediately and Brent works with such attention to detail and care based on my son’s mechanics and specific needs. You will not find a better person or more qualified MAT® Certified Specialist than Brent Ziemann. He has made all the difference!"
J. Thomas
Fitness Management & Consulting
I won 1st place. Thanks for helping me so much this past year. No way I could be where I am today without you.
I have zero doubts about that.
Figure Skater
"I have really enjoyed working with Brent to understand the source of my pain and work together on solutions. He is easy going,
dedicated to his patients, and generally just a nice man. I have learned more about my body and my muscles,
and I hope to continue down a path of healing."