Brent Ziemann – MAT® Certified Specialist MAT® Mastery Lower Body Certified &
MAT® Mastery Trunk & Spine Certified.

I am the owner of P.R.I.D.E. Muscle Activation.

3 years ago I discovered MAT® and it forever changed my life.  After 2 knee surgeries and on the verge of a 3rd, a friend introduced me to MAT® I had never heard of it, didn’t know much about it, but figured I had nothing to lose and I didn’t want surgery again.

After 1 visit, I had no pain!  I walked in with a ton of pain and walked out pain free.  Now, it only lasted a couple days, but after about a two months of weekly treatments and changing my shoes – the pain did not come back. As a coach and dad of athletes I knew I needed to find out more about this Muscle Activation Techniques® process.  I started to research and realized that this was something I wanted to share with others.  Not only did MAT® help with my knee and lower back issues, it also helped my son who is a pitcher and my daughter who is a gymnast.

Jacob Wilkinson – MAT® JumpStart Certified Trainer here a P.R.I.D.E. Muscle Activation.

My story in a nutshell, is one from my life being taken away from me and, with MAT®, my life being given back again. Fresh out of college with a degree in exercise science (Kinesiology) and around 3 years of personal training in a private gym under my belt, ready to move on to my career life, I severely herniated the lumbar discs of my spine into my sciatic nerve. Sciatica and other debilitating pains ended my days of coaching, lifting, jiu-jitsu, rock-climbing, running, and even my ability to walk and sit for very long or even go see movies with friends. 8 doctors, every stretch you can imagine, Internet recovery programs, books… Nothing seemed to make me better or steadily move my pain levels down for long. It felt like my life was completely grounded. Even with my obsessive search for help, nothing could alleviate my non-stop pain.

Then I found MAT® Certified Specialist Brent Ziemann. I came into his office, he worked Muscle Activation Techniques on me, and for the first time in months, I could walk with significantly less pain. I walked like I actually had control of my body again. Whatever this is, I needed to know more.

Fast forward a few months, I found myself in Colorado studying the techniques. There, I found my whole perspective on training change. In another few months, with huge help from Brent, after using this new system of thought on myself, and after almost two years of chronic pain I thought would be my silent barrier and burden for the rest of my life, I am now almost completely pain free. Being able to run, rock climb, and do the things I love are starting to look realistically possible again.

Struck with my own serious dysfunction, becoming an MAT® Practitioner, hands me the tools I need to climb my own mountain of recovery. And having lived the struggles of chronic pain, knocks to the ego, and restrictions on my ability to do what I loved, I feel this experience gives me drive and insight to help others, and to continually learn and fulfill this role.