Brent Ziemann – MAT® Certified Specialist MAT® Mastery Lower Body Certified &
MAT® Mastery Trunk & Spine Certified.

I am the owner of P.R.I.D.E. Muscle Activation.

3 years ago I discovered MAT® and it forever changed my life.  After 2 knee surgeries and on the verge of a 3rd, a friend introduced me to MAT® I had never heard of it, didn’t know much about it, but figured I had nothing to lose and I didn’t want surgery again.

After 1 visit, I had no pain!  I walked in with a ton of pain and walked out pain free.  Now, it only lasted a couple days, but after about a two months of weekly treatments and changing my shoes – the pain did not come back. As a coach and dad of athletes I knew I needed to find out more about this Muscle Activation Techniques® process.  I started to research and realized that this was something I wanted to share with others.  Not only did MAT® help with my knee and lower back issues, it also helped my son who is a pitcher and my daughter who is a gymnast.