Our exercise professionals assist athletes by improving the efficiency of an athlete’s neuromuscular system which leads to optimal performance.

Using our TrioThrive™ Methodology, we have seen performance numbers improve in as little as SINGLE session. These changes will persist and even continue over multiple sessions with very little, if any, homework needed by the athlete.


Within our TrioThrive™ Methodology, we use a series of Techniques that enables us to determine the integrity of the body’s “neurological” system. When communication between the brain and muscles become impaired, the muscles ability to contract efficiently is disrupted.

Our Initial Goal – is to discern whether the muscles have the appropriate neurological input necessary to perform their intended function. Lacking the appropriate input will prohibit the muscle from executing its expected role, which often times leads to vulnerability.


Injuries during sports can be categorized as “Contact” or “Non-Contact” injuries. By using our TrioThrive™ Methodology, we believe non-contact injuries do NOT have to exist in sports.

Pulling a hamstring while running, straining a muscle when throwing or hitting a baseball, or injuring an area from exercise are just a few examples that are preventable with the help of our exercise professionals.


Unfortunately, disease, pain and dysfunction are a common part of life.

More often than not, this does not have to be the case.

Many times, muscle imbalances are actually the root cause of these issues, and not the more typical medical explanations.

We use our TrioThrive™ Methodology, to address the root cause of systemic disease and dysfunction, chronic inflammation.


What happens when communication between the brain and muscles are disrupted?

This is called muscular inhibition and is a major cause of compromised performance, limited range of motion, increased risk of injury and more.

Through the use of our TrioThrive™ Methodology, we address these inhibitions which unlocks ones true potential. 

About us

Brent Ziemann

has coached and worked with youth, high school, collegiate and professional athletes for over 10 years.

After spending almost 20 years in Corporate America as a Systems and Software Developer  he chose to work full-time with athletes. 

His Vision is to help educate athletes on the more modern science to help them avoid injuries, recover more optimally and boost their athletic performance. 

Client Testimonials

Dont’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

“I knew when I heard Brent speaking at the basketball meeting his techniques were an answer to prayers.

I’ve got very hard working kids, but the pain was holding my son back.

My son just texted me that he hasn’t felt that good throwing in a long time. He did not have pain!

I can not express enough how much I appreciate all your help.”

Keller, TX

“My son now recovers more quickly from the demands of catching and pitching with few aches and pains. The Techniques used are immediate and effective. It allows my son to function and move the way he should. It alleviates muscle tightness and pain so he can perform at the highest level. The great thing about it is that he feels the results immediately and Brent works with such attention to detail and care based on my son’s mechanics and specific needs. You will not find a better person or more qualified professional than Brent Ziemann. He has made all the difference!”

Double Oak, TX

I won 1st place at the Regional Figure Skating Championships.

Thanks for helping me so much this past year.

No way I could be where I am today without you. 

I have zero doubts about that.

Coppell, TX

“I have really enjoyed working with Brent to understand the source of my pain and work together on solutions. He is easy going, 

dedicated to his patients, and generally just a nice man. I have learned more about my body and my muscles, 

and I hope to continue down a path of healing.”

Southlake, TX

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